Summer Internship for
Indigenous Genomics Aotearoa


The SING Aotearoa programme is designed to develop indigenous understanding of genomics alongside some of the best researchers in New Zealand and the world.  It is a week-long residential internship programme providing participants with knowledge and experience in wet-labs (biological samples, DNA), dry labs (computer analysis, biostatistics) and simulation labs (cultural and ethical scenarios). 

Significant advances in the fields of genetics and genomics sees an increasing focus on Maori populations and indigenous species. Research conducted in Aotearoa New Zealand should involve consultation with Iwi Māori and it is important that Māori understand the technical, ethical and cultural issues when engaging with researchers in these projects.

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“Me ātahaereere mā ngā ngaru
kei whakatotohu te aroha a Tangaroa"

Tread carefully in challenging waters
Lest you drown in the embrace of Tangaroa


— Whakatauki created by Huata holmes (Kai tahu) & Moe Milne (Ngati Hine)

Workshop 2018

The third SING Aotearoa Intern Programme was held at the Wellington School of Medicine, from 22 - 24  January 2018.


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