Introduction to Māori research & ethics
Shirley Simmonds
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Introduction to Epigenetics
Donia Macartney-Coxson & Kirsty Danielson
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Fostering Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) Research in Tribal Communities: the Center for the Ethics of Indigenous Genomic Research (CEIGR)
Joseph Yracheta
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CELSI: Cultural Foundation
Maui Hudson
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How to use gene editing to understand plant evolution
Nick Albert
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The Challenges of Using Traditional Cultural Values to Assess New  Technologies – Gene Editing
Aroha Mead
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GMO regulation in New Zealand
Dr Manda Safavi
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Manuka Geonomics
David Chagne
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The potential for rapid breeding using new molecular techniques
Andrew Allan
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Lab Session – Mitosis
Introduction to Genetics
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Lab session notes – Mitosis
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How to draw a “genetic” family tree
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Mitosis in the root of garlic tips
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